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S.K. Polymer is one of the top three Rubber Components Manufacturers in Thailand who play an important role in our value customers to be the Premier Brands in the world.    Our employees are making rubber parts with their hearts.  They are proud to be one of the best teams in the World.  They have good quality mind and service mind.  

our company is experts in the automotive industry because we have experience in this industry for more than 30 years. So we can research and develop the product for the customer depending on the customer’s requirement and as we are a one-stop service solution for the rubber industry so it’s very easy to support the customer to get the worthwhile product.

we have the professional team to do the research since the material, mold, compound until the process to get the best quality and also the best cost for the customer. And we have the innovation engineer who do the VA/VE project, Kaizen, Semi-Automation, Fully-Automation to do the cost reduction in giving valued business partner

Our company management by Total Quality Management (TQM) system and already in ISO 9001, IATF16949, Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and Reach and RoHS Compliant. And we are Tier 2 who support the famous automotive manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda and etc. And we can do all of the rubber&plastics parts in cars, motorcycles and various engines.

In cars, we support all of the rubber parts that assembly in different applications. For example, Rubber bush (a part of brake and clutch systems, is a rubber-metal bonded parts. It has great durability against high pressure.), Grommet (a part of the car’s heating system, prevents dust and water to surpass into the passengers’ area.), Cushion (helps to absorb shock and vibration for the stereo system.), Pad Pedal (a brake pedal with high elasticity has good resistance to abrasion.) and etc.

In motorcycles, we support all of the rubber parts that assembly in different applications. For example, Rubber step (A motorcycle footrest is designed to have good environmental resistance properties as it is highly exposed to the sun, ozone, and the rain.), Rubber Protector (A part of a motorcycle’s exhaust system whose properties are maintained by high-temperature use.) and etc.

for a better summary of what we do and why our worldwide customers have chosen us. As for initiating our mutual business opportunity, please kindly to contact us.


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